Hebridean Mutton and Highland Beef

Hebridean Mutton and Highland Beef is produced in The Outer Hebrides, on the Island of Lewis and Harris,  by an informal co-operative of crofters who keep their sheep and cattle in the traditional way.

Originally based in the small village of Tolsta Chaolais in the west of Lewis, we have expanded to include Harrismen from Aird Mhulaidh and the Island of Scalpay.

In these villages nobody is in a rush – and we do not rush our animals – our Hebridean Blackface sheep and Highland cattle live out on the hills, moors and uninhabited offshore islands. They range, as far as they choose, foraging among the heather and hillside grasses. They are never put in buildings and they are bothered by people only at intervals of months, when they are gathered up by shepherds with collies in accordance with the dictates of the traditional village calendars. In the past all the island’s sheep and cattle were kept in this way: now there are very few animals sharing the grazings with ours.

The Hebridean Mutton shepherds are an endangered species. Like their dogs, their sheep and their cattle, they are at home in this wildly rugged and beautiful environment.

Our animals are slaughtered on the island in the Autumn when they are in peak condition.

They are cut, vacuum packed, labelled and boxed and delivered by chiller van throughout mainland UK during September and October.

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